Innovations in noise protection

Innovations in noise protection


we can close our eyes -
but for our ears it's not quite so simple!

In our highly technical world exposure to noise is a powerful, ever present factor, which affects not only humans, but the animal world too. We develop, plan and install innovative methods and materials to provide excellent protection for humans and the environment from the everyday noise of our civilisation.

noise barriers for effective noise protection

Cycle and/or footpaths which run alongside motorways, main roads or railways, and indeed residential areas, are usually exposed to large amounts of noise. Our modern noise barriers can provide effective noise protection in these areas. However, it's crucial to select the right noise protection system. Our range includes noise barriers made from wood or mineral wool as well Plexiglas, offers a large selection and provides the ideal solution for your needs.

form and function: plexiglass noise barriers

Our noise-absorbing Plexiglas barriers combine functionality and aesthetics. This kind of noise barrier is available in both coloured and transparent versions. The advantage: a transparent noise barrier fits particularly well into its environment, without the typical optical borders created by noise barriers. We also offer various accessories for this noise protection system, including safety ropes, bird protection decorations or coating systems, which make noise barriers much easier to clean.

aesthetically pleasing, innovative noise barriers

What are the alternatives to Plexiglas noise barriers? We also have noise protection systems made from wood, as well as our new KOHLHAUER PLANTA noise protection system made from mineral wool. This is a 'plantable' noise barrier, which creates a pleasantly green border between the source of the noise and the quieter zones. Find your ideal noise protection system here! The Kohlhauer Noise Control and Environmental Management Team will assist you throughout the whole process, from the planning stages right up to construction of the barriers. We will give you advice and cater to your specific ideas and needs. You can also count on simple, cost-effective order processing and an on-going service for our noise barriers and accessories.



KOHLHAUER in organizations

  • DVLV

    We are a member of the "Deutschen Verband für Lärmschutz an Verkehrswegen e.V."
  • FGSV

    We are a member of the "Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen"
  • ENBF

    European Noise Barrier Federation
    We are a member of the "European Noise Barrier Federation"

    We are a member of the "Association Professionelle des Réalisateurs d'Ecrans Acoustiques"

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